Transformative Exercise Rehabilitation is a mobile home visit exercise physiology service. Patients are consulted in their own home, and all exercise therapy programs are designed to be completed at home with minimal equipment required. A patient can request a gym program if they prefer to attend a gym to complete their exercise therapy.

If you are a general practitioner, and wish to refer your patient to us, please download the relevant form (links immediately below), complete the form and attach to the secure online referral form below. Alternatively, the downloaded completed form can be faxed to 0740279460.

If you are an allied health practitioner (physiotherapist – podatriast – osteopath – chiropractor – occupational therapist – dietician – diabetes educator) and wish to refer a client on to us please complete the secure online referral form below.

Referrals for Chronic Disease Management

10953 – Exercise Physiology Services: Transformative Exercise Rehabilitation accepts CDM / EPC referrals for clients with chronic conditions.

Referrals for Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management: Transformative Exercise Rehabilitation accepts Diabetes Management Plan referrals for clients with Type 2 diabetes for individual assessment and 8 class sessions under the Medicare form “Referral form for Group Allied Health Services under Medicare for patients with type 2 diabetes” please see link below for downloadable referral form. These referrals are part of the chronic disease management plan and come under item codes 731 or 732, and are additional to the 5 yearly allied health sessions.

Referrals for Departement of Veteran Affairs Patients

Transformative Exercise Rehabilitation accepts DVA referrals for clients with a gold or white card.

Referrals for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent

81315 – Exercise Physiology Services: Transformative Exercise Rehabilitation accepts referrals for patients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. This is an alternative referral pathway which offers up to 5 sessions per calendar year for Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander persons and can be used in addition to the five sessions per calendar year available through a CDM plan.

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